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October 2, 2012

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Where, oh where has plainlyspoken gone?

June 22, 2012

Well, not as far as you think.  I am still kicking, but things in my life have taken a couple of routes that have restructured my thinking and my time.  I have been absent from blogging on politics simply because with all that is happening I haven’t got the energy for it.  Though, since there are a few who got use to seeing me around it is time I spoke plainly as to why I no longer am.

First, and foremost, many of you know that littlespoken revealed to us last year of the sexual abuse she suffered when she was seven.  The perpetrator is now, I am happy to report, sitting in the hoosegow awaiting his trial on multiple counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.  He was arrested a couple of weeks ago after a seven month long investigation by the police department.  The detective who was assigned to the case has accomplished more than I ever believed (in my ex-cop thinking) one could.  He was so careful in construction of the case that he was able to obtain a full confession and a handwritten letter of apology to littlespoken!  My daughter, wife and I are very pleased, even though we face the next long battle – a court trial.  We hope he will plead out on the case, but we figure that would be more than we can expect at this point.  The ADA handling the case has assured the investigating detective that if the accused gets a deal offered to him it will include a stretch in the state prison.  Theoretically, at this point, the sob is facing multiple 4-to-life sentences for his crimes against our child.  If he is smart he’ll go and stay in prison, it really is the best place for him.  This whole case consumes a lot of my energy, especially in working to help littlespoken get her life back.  We all work with her counselor (one who has specialty experience in counseling children who have suffered sexual abuse) to build a stronger littlespoken.  It is slow going, but we will persevere.

The second reason for my absence is also a tough family issue my wife, daughter and I are dealing with.  I started having some balance and trembling problems a couple months ago.  Along with some other things my RN wife noticed it was enough for her to decide that I need to go see my physician.  I did and his initial diagnosis was not something I wanted to ever hear.  I have Parkinson’s Disease.  Over the course of the past two months I have been undergoing other testing to insure all other possible conditions can be ruled out, but for my physician the picture is clear.  Hell of a thing to hear from your doc, and I trust my doc, so here we are.  It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me.  The disease causes many problems and the medications don’t control them all. One of the worse aspects of it is that at some point down the road it will rob me of the two things I fear losing most, control over my mind and my body.  But for now I have good days, bad days, and occasionally even worse days where sitting up in bed is about all I can handle.  My overall future is mapped out in a way, all that I have to do is trust the doc that we can make the quality of my life the best that we can possibly make it.  It is definitely a “one day at a time” thought process for right now.  I struggle still with the mental highs and lows of Parkinson’s Disease, but I am blessed with a wonderful wife and child who refuse to let me go it alone.  They are the rock I hold on to now and will for whatever time I am granted to spend with them.  We don’t know yet how the disease will progress, so all I can do is trust that the Lord has it all set properly for me.

There you have it, short and sweet.  Well, maybe not so short.  I want to say that I miss y’all here and at SUFA.  I am afraid that I just don’t have the heart for it right now.  I admit I am kind of self-absorbed at the moment. I have peeked in a couple of times and I may in the future, but no promises.  I have started blogging a bit, at my wife’s insistence, to help clear my head on this disease.  You’ll find it at  Stop over if you are of a mind to.

Gman, I apologize for adding an article before giving you a heads up.  Hopefully you aren’t upset with me?  😉  To all the rest (and you too G) go my best wishes.


A New Adventure

May 18, 2012

Hello Friends!  This article is very different than my normal stuff, it’s non-political.  Considering the economy and the state of Social Security, I have decided to take an adventure and buy and build a business.  I started this because I took the time to become a preferred customer on  I was able to purchase what I wanted and get cash back.  It all began on Market America, who recently bought   As they expand into more foreign countries, like Mexico next month and soon to be China, the age of Social Shopping is upon us.   With the coming of smart TV’s, the age of WiFi already here, and cell phones getting better and better, cashing in on Social Shopping is a great way to become more independent of government programs in the future.  Social Security is dying, it’s time to plan for it NOT being around in a few years.

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Battlefield Amerika

April 10, 2012

  As recent events in Sanford Florida have unfolded, it is very clear that racism is alive, well and growing in our country.  I’m not going to waste your time retelling the story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  Martin is dead and Zimmerman pulled the trigger.  While that’s sad and a tragedy, the happenings afterward are just as much a tragedy, that will likely cause many unneeded deaths in the future.   The Corporate Whore Liberal Media has once and for all, failed the American people.  They have proven that they do not represent the “press” as was intended when the Bill of Rights to the Constitution were written.  Today, they represent the worst of the corporate world, misrepresenting the truth for profit, at the expense of innocent Americans.  This should concern all Americans, regardless of political leanings or skin color.  If you don’t believe you can safely walk anywhere you choose in this country without being in danger, welcome to Battlefield Amerika!
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Decision Time !

January 26, 2012

It is coming! The time for Americans to make a decision on where they stand in life. I see three choices, the first is the easiest, just go with the flow and be obedient. The Sheeple will gladly walk to the slaughterhouse and take their innocent children with them, total cowards. Second are the loyalists, those who will do the governments dirty work so they can live a slightly better life than the Sheeple. These are the people who thrive on power and enjoy watching the Sheeple beg for mercy as they round them up. These sick bastards are the first enemy, the one’s who must be systematically eliminated at every corner. They must feel the fear that they themselves thrive to put forth on the weak and innocent.
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Just Say No to Another War

January 9, 2012

Danged those Iranians threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz – again.  It’s not the first time and likely won’t be the last.  It’s about all they have that they can threaten.  Now some argue that should the Iranians close the Strait the US Navy should blow the Iranian Navy off the face of the Earth.  Of course this would be done in the name of enforcing the right of free passage through international waters.  Great propaganda cover if you ask me – kinda like saying invading Iraq was for saving the world from weapons of mass destruction.  Regardless, such an act would cause loss of life on both sides and apparently we haven’t had enough service members killed or wounded by war yet.  Realistically, any attempt by Iran to block the Strait would be temporary at best.  More likely it would be nothing more than an illusion in the minds of the Iranians.  Yet, there are many who are more than willing to commit an act of war of Iran.  I figure they then would use such an act to open general invasion of Iran – probably under the guise of preventing those evil Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. The hawks of conservatism and the Republican Party will be gleeful at finally getting their wishes for “stopping” Iran.  Too bad not one drop of their blood will be spilled in accomplishing their goals.

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Remember When You Didn’t Worry About the NDAA?

January 7, 2012

The G-Man and I have taken our share of flack over the National Defense Authorization Act recently signed into law by President Obama.  It seems we were quickly tossed back onto the crazy bench for suggesting the danger the law holds for the indefinite detention of US citizens and legal residents by the government – either in civilian or military custody.  We were told, repeatedly, that the feds wouldn’t be coming for us under this law as it has full exemptions from being used against citizens and legal residents.  So, after making our argument and having it rejected, we silently plopped down on the crazy bench and mumbled amongst ourselves about the voluntary blindness being practiced by our naysayers

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