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A New Adventure

May 18, 2012

Hello Friends!  This article is very different than my normal stuff, it’s non-political.  Considering the economy and the state of Social Security, I have decided to take an adventure and buy and build a business.  I started this because I took the time to become a preferred customer on  I was able to purchase what I wanted and get cash back.  It all began on Market America, who recently bought   As they expand into more foreign countries, like Mexico next month and soon to be China, the age of Social Shopping is upon us.   With the coming of smart TV’s, the age of WiFi already here, and cell phones getting better and better, cashing in on Social Shopping is a great way to become more independent of government programs in the future.  Social Security is dying, it’s time to plan for it NOT being around in a few years.

My business partner and I was able to earn cash back from our purchases through this program, via advertising dollars.   As a preferred customer, you have access to all the stores that you normally shop at, plus you can use the Hot Deals icon to find special cost saving codes.  In addition, has a LIVE auction of watches, jewelery, memorabilia, sporting goods, electronics, and vacations!  I just won a very nice gun cleaning kit, for $1.00 plus shipping and handling.   Market America has numerous products such as make-up for the ladies, health supplements and many other items.  The best part of becoming a preferred customer is that it is totally FREE!  You only pay for what you purchase online, and in many cases, shipping can be FREE as well.  I won’t bother you with the business side at this time.  I’m not a salesman and I don’t like to bother people.  Just go to our website and click the link to request an invite, send us your email address and when you get the email from Market America, just register and start shopping.  We will help in anyway with navigating the shopping site, so feel free to use the links to contact us.  Our site is:

Thanks for your time.  Freedom rules!  Saving money in a time when gasoline is very expensive isn’t a bad idea either!

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  1. Judy Sabatini permalink
    May 18, 2012 12:06 pm

    Good luck G in your new adventure & I hope it’s a big success for you as well.

  2. May 18, 2012 3:41 pm

    I’m going to check you out. I might not can buy much of anything right now. But it will be nice to have somewhere I can go to if I need it. I can say more after I see it. Appreciate it G!

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