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Just Say No to Another War

January 9, 2012

Danged those Iranians threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz – again.  It’s not the first time and likely won’t be the last.  It’s about all they have that they can threaten.  Now some argue that should the Iranians close the Strait the US Navy should blow the Iranian Navy off the face of the Earth.  Of course this would be done in the name of enforcing the right of free passage through international waters.  Great propaganda cover if you ask me – kinda like saying invading Iraq was for saving the world from weapons of mass destruction.  Regardless, such an act would cause loss of life on both sides and apparently we haven’t had enough service members killed or wounded by war yet.  Realistically, any attempt by Iran to block the Strait would be temporary at best.  More likely it would be nothing more than an illusion in the minds of the Iranians.  Yet, there are many who are more than willing to commit an act of war of Iran.  I figure they then would use such an act to open general invasion of Iran – probably under the guise of preventing those evil Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. The hawks of conservatism and the Republican Party will be gleeful at finally getting their wishes for “stopping” Iran.  Too bad not one drop of their blood will be spilled in accomplishing their goals.

In their desire to paint the Iranians as the next great menace to the world (now that the Iraqis and Afghans have been tamed, or almost tamed), it has come to my attention that American Thinker has posted another article on the Iranians building missile bases in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez.  This is a story that quotes the Jerusalem Post, which itself quotes a story in the German Newspaper Die Welt.  It goes all the way back to late 2010, early 2011 and is yet to be confirmed by any hard intelligence or evidence – then or now.  But it certainly helps paint the horns of the devil on the Iranians.  2012 may well bring us to war with the Iranians and I will once again find myself on the anti-war side of the argument (and maybe give our government continuing “reasons” to consider me a danger?).  War with Iran makes no more sense than the Iraq or Afghan wars.  It will, once again, be an act of a bully – the USA – compelling its standards upon another nation.  But heck, since when has something needed to be proven to start a war?

And now we have the case of Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a US born Iranian-American, who has been sentenced to death for espionage.  Hekmati is an ex-Marine who went to Iran to visit family and now finds himself as a pawn in US-Iranian politics.  Of course the US condemns the sentence, for all the good it will do.  One has to wonder though why – if the US is so heavy on sanctions against Iran –  he would be allowed to go to Iran in the first place?  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but then Americans tend to think they are able to go anywhere in the world with some kind of force field around them that will protect them from all harm.  If the Iranians do execute this young man it will be a further bone of contention, yet he made a poor choice in traveling to Iran in the first place.  He opened himself up to being used by the Iranian government – unless of course the charges against him are true, in which case there isn’t much the US can say about his conviction.

Along with the continuing distaste the US has for Iranian nuclear weapon research and construction, the hawks are looking for any issue they can to continue “proving” to the world how evil and dangerous the Iranian are and that they must be stopped – it would seem at any cost.  The US has been through this before with India, Pakistan, and North Korea.  The nation survived it in those cases and will when the Iranians (or any other nation) successfully builds nuclear weapons.  Remember that only one nation in the world has ever used nuclear weapons on mass destruction.  Maybe it is the world that should be scared of the US having nuclear weapons?

Maybe the Mayans were on to something about 2012 being the end of the world? (psssst, that’s sarcasm).

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  1. January 10, 2012 6:18 pm

    We have several months of BS before anything happens. It;s all bullshit anyway, even if Iran gets a bomb, they would never use it. However, this happening could be the beginning of WWIII if Russia and/or China gets involved. Follow the money, that is where the future is.

    • January 10, 2012 6:35 pm

      It’s all BS. The US and Iran have been at odds since 1979 and the Iranians have made the threat to close the Strait before and it turned out to be all talk.

      But it gives the politicians something to run their mouths about and show their courage by postulating how they’re willing to send others off to die.

  2. January 18, 2012 5:36 pm

    It’s not BS, it is/will be life and death for some. We at least have a choice if any Americans need to be included in the blood-loss. Iran is now objecting to the Saudi’s offer to increase oil output to 2 million BPD to offset any shortages Iran’s actions cause. Consider also that part of Iran’s beef is the sanctions the US and Europe are imposing. Just as with Japan and the US, economic warfare can lead to actual warfare. And I’m not saying the US is right or wrong, but call it what it is and if you throw rocks at a hornets nest, don’t be surprised that you get stung. Shure, you then douse it it gasoline and torch them bastards, but if that was your intention, why not just do that from the start?

    Iran is the worlds largest sponsor of terrorism. They have been active in both of our wars, arming, training and assisting insurgents at a huge cost in lives and our budget. It’s a lot cheaper to blow up a vehicle/building/etc, than it is to build it in the first place. We won the war, but they are winning the “peace” because they have never allowed peace to be established. And they are active in Egypt, Syria, Israel, Yemen, any and every Mid East country in turmoil.

    If we want peace in that region, we have to decide how badly we want it and assume our role as the world policeman and force peace on them. Or we need to realize it’s not our place to force them to do anything. We are not the one’s most directly threatened. Israel and then the Saudi’s are and are well prepared to deal with that threat. I think we would be much better off to stand back and let them be the lead actors on Iran. We could support them with arms and intel, but stay out of direct combat.

    And since they have been fighting over that sandbox for several thousand years, I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. Israel has been the only country there that wants to co-exist in peace. How many Saudi’s were 9/11 terrorists? They still teach in their state schools that Israel must be destroyed. As things stand today, I think Israel should invade Iran and take over. That would give them a place to relocate the Palestinian’s. It’s not like the world will hate Israel any more that they do already. And it’s pretty clear peace over there will only come thru conquest. Iran knows this, as do the Saudi’s and Turkey. The Saudi’s have been content to go slowly, letting their wealth and strength grow, but now see the threat Iran is to them as well as Israel. The Saudi’s have also grown complacent, spoiled. It might be possible to have peace with them, as long as their oil income supports their standard of living.

    But for the US, our best move would be to open all our domestic oil sources and drive the price of oil down. Iraq invaded Kuwait because they were manipulating the price of oil, causing Iraq to loose billions and keep them in debt to Kuwait. Flood the oil market and render Iran, Iraq and the Saudi’s to pauper status, too poor to support terrorism. And the economic boom we experience, not a bad side effect to defeating terrorism.

    • January 18, 2012 9:13 pm

      I agree that the “place” of the USA in this situation is to stay the hell out of it.

      • January 19, 2012 9:18 am

        That works for me! I’m reading a book on the Six Day war right now and it’s amazing how many comparisons I can make with today”s events. And I think Ron Paul has been correct about every statement he’s made about the US’s policies being a causing factor of some conflicts. There is a lot of tension over there, Iran seems to delight in stoking it into outright conflict. Are we helping them or hurting them with sanctions? Sure it hurts their economy and the general populations quality of life, but the leaders and army, are they effected? I think not, they just use it to fan the hate and resentment against the US even higher. And hey, maybe we will see a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

        • January 19, 2012 12:08 pm

          LOI, you may be right.

          What gets me is how the only nation that has used nukes on another is always bothered when some other nation wants to, or does, develop nuclear weapons.

          • January 19, 2012 5:49 pm

            I can see that but there are at least a dozen different viewpoints involved. The US doesn’t want another 9/11 and imagine even a small nuk in NY. Bring it in on a ship and set it off before inspection. And then we turn that country into a glass parking lot. For most nations the fear of our response would stay their hand. Iran and radical Muslims might be willing to martyr their entire nation. We just cannot think the same way as them or the Asians like in Nam, Korea and China. How many times have protesters burned themselves alive in the US? Is it rare or common over there?


            I agree we should distance ourselves as much as we can. I think Egypt’s gov. falling might be connected to the US in a simple way, grain prices. When we mandated corn/ ethanol subsidies, we increased food prices worldwide. We hurt their living standard, the poor suffered the most, rioted and overthrew their government.

            So our best action is to be prosperous ourselves, hurt the economies hostile to us by making oil cheap worldwide. The economic boom will favor western nations and harm those dependent on oil only.

  3. January 20, 2012 1:19 pm

    The European Union will announce tough new sanction on Iran’s oil industry Monday.

    According to a source familiar with the matter, the sanctions will ban the import of Iranian oil and also restrict Iran’s trade in gold and precious metals, as well as freeze certain Iranian financial assets.

    Of the 2.2. million barrels of oil Iran exports a day, about 18% is bound for European markets, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The world consumes about 89 million barrels of oil per day.

    Final details are still being worked out, and it’s expected the sanctions will have a grace period of three to eight months, an EU diplomat told CNN.

    The grace period will allow European refiners to find new suppliers and Iran to find new buyers.

    The move, which was widely expected, follows similar actions by the United States and the United Kingdom. They are all aimed at increasing pressure on Tehran to give up its nuclear program, which Iran says is for peaceful purposes buy many suspect is intended to produce a bomb.

    Read more:

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