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Our Planet Has Cancer

August 21, 2011

   Summer as usual, has been very busy.   Canning has been very time consuming as the garden has done real well.  I’ve been lucky enough to help a very special family member deal her problems, which are now mostly resolved.  The great part is that her sons will be hunting for the first time this year, with me and Dad.

Enough about that, more on the subject of how our society is slowly disintegrating.   Just look around and it’s not hard to see.  unemployment is very high, food and gas prices are much the same.  About the only thing different is that those in D.C are calling many of us terrorists, which I find pathetic and very disturbing.  When our own elected government allows for average Americans to be considered this way, we have a big problem.  All of us.

As a proud veteran, I can say tha I’m not very proud of our own government at all, or our current staff of military leaders.  We are engaged in conflicts that we do not need to be, and should be ceased.  Sadly, that will not happen with our government as it is.  This is the most corrupt, filthy group of thieves  and liars that have ever been in D.C.  Somehow, this needs to change, hopefully in a peaceful manner.

Some folks think  things are going just fine.  They are doing well in life and don’t see the other side of the spectrum.  Most are not even paying attention to things like gold prices and gas prices, they bitch about gas prices, but have no idea why they are so high.  Their dollar is buying much less each day, and most are stupid about this.  This will confuse them when the problems begin from the bottom-up.  It’s happened in England now, it will happen here.  It can’t be stopped, only prepared for.  The USA is not oblivious to the economic problems, those who think so are fools.

Most Americans don’t realize that their wealth is being stolen yet.  They do not understand that fiat currency is dying and that wealth, as in 401K’s and retirement accounts will soon be worthless unless they make changes.  That is not likely to happen today, the sheeple are prime for destruction, they are penned in with no way out.  Sucks to be them, I’m not one of them.  When 95% of the population can barely eat, things will get very bad.  That’s how many people live in urban areas.   It’s coming, very soon.  Most don’t believe it, because it is hard to fathom in our country, but it’s coming.

The ultra wealthy want power, they are a Cancer on our society that needs to be cured.  I don’t know what that cure is, but it won’t be some “Lone Wolf” terrorist that Obama has warned about, although it will come, to try and save his presidency.  When that “lone wolf” strikes, it was because the jackoffs in D.C wanted and funded it.  It will happen, they are telling us that.  Because they know it will, they are making it happen.  It’s pathetic, and they may not get away with it this time.

When will the American people say “NO More” to those in D.C.  When we will say no more to the police state that is beginning to surround us?  They are preparing for civil unrest, because they know it will occur because of their actions, how dumb can people be to not see this?  I love my country and the hard working people in it, but I’m tired of trying to carry a bunch of lazy morons who chose to ignore all of this.  I’m not going too anymore, family only, I suggest you do the same.

Our planet has cancer, it is greed and control by those who want it.  Don’t let it happen, just say NO!

Live Free!


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  1. August 21, 2011 12:16 pm

    Yet the people will run to the polls next November and vote for their brand of liars and thieves to hold elected office and allow them continued access to the power they are addicted to!

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      August 21, 2011 11:10 pm

      Yes they will. And I will remind everyone I can that they are morons.

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