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What is the truth?

July 8, 2011

This article was originally published in 2010 on  It should pose some interesting questions in everyone’s minds. 

How would you react if you woke up one day and found out that everything you believed your whole life was a lie? Everything about your past has changed and now you have to try and understand it all. All our lives, the Government and the media has painted the picture that we view as reality. Is that picture painted with lies?

Today, I’m going to present a study of the history of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Human Rights violations, and electromagnetic weapons technology, from Sonoma State University, completed in 2006. My main purpose is to find logical ways to detect the lies we are presented with each day by the media and government, and use their “mind games” against them. During discussion, we will hopefully hear from a poster on his experience with the illegal surveilence that interfered with his life, and develope a test of sorts that can be effectively applied to determine truth in what we are told, today, tomorrow, and in the past. Imagine discovering the possibility that the “Cold War” was all BS to empower and enrich the “Elite”. I will present some of the study and comment on the different areas, for the full study go here:

Let’s get the ball rolling!

In the 1950′s and 60′s the CIA began work to find means for influencing human cognition, emotion, and behavior. Through the use of the psychological understanding of the human being as a social animal and the ability to manipulate a subject’s environment through isolation, drugs, and hypnosis, US funded scientists have long searched for better means of controlling human behavior. This research has included the use of wireless directed electromagnetic energy under the heading of “Information Warfare” and “Non Lethal Weapons.” New technological capabilities have been developed in black budget projects over the last few decades— including the ability to influence human emotion, disrupt thought, and present excruciating pain through the manipulation of magnetic fields. The US military and intelligence agencies have at their disposal frightful new weapons, weapons that have likely already been covertly used and/or tested on humans, both here and abroad, and which could be directed against the public in the event of mass protests or civil disturbance.

How many times have you heard something repeated often, and aimed at your emotions? Often called Psychological Warfare, these techniques have been perfected and are applied far more often than any of us could imagine. An example would be AGW and it’s appeal to our emotion of fear. If we fear something, we will follow like ducklings follow mama duck.

For the 2004 Election, your only choice was which member of Yale’s secret Skull and Bones Group you liked better!
A long thread of sociological research documents the existence of a dominant ruling class in the US that sets policy and determines national political priorities. The American ruling class is complex and inter-competitive, maintaining itself through interacting families of high social standing with similar life styles, corporate affiliations, and memberships in elite social clubs and private schools.

Ah yes, the “Elites” are among us.

Leo Strauss, Albert Wohlstetter, and others at the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought receive wide credit for promoting the neo-conservative agenda through their students, Paul Wolfowitz, Allan Bloom, and Bloom’s student Richard Perle.

Canadian cultural review magazine Adbusters, defines neo-conservatism as, “The belief that Democracy, however flawed, was best defended by an ignorant public pumped on nationalism and religion. Only a militantly nationalist state could deter human aggression …such nationalism requires an external threat and if one cannot be found it must be manufactured.”

I found this rather disturbing. If a threat cannot be found it must be manufactured. If this is how the “Elites” stay empowered and enriched, should we not question everything in our past? Questions like, who the hell decided after WWII that Communism was the enemy? Was it a coincidence that when the “Cold War” ended we suddenly had “terrorism” at our doorstep? The Soviets were the “Evil Empire”, but who decided this, and what basis of proof did they have? They didn’t need proof, they just scared the shit out of everyone with Nuclear war propoganda and “programming” our young people in the 50′s and 60′s to believe this threat.

Today the combination of political climate and technological capability presents a condition in which widespread manipulation of, not only the flow of information through the media, but also the manipulation of the emotional states and cognitive ability in large populations could be achieved. If policy elites are unaccountable to the public for their actions, and the public has been emotionally manipulated to support them, we can assume that they will certainly abuse their positions in the pursuit of their agendas.

How many of us have been “emotionally manipulated” recently? In our lifetime? Obama is the current “king” of this type of manipulation. (My guess would be that you would all have to say it has happened at one time or another. One side of the political spectrum was manipulated into supporting the Patriot Act. The other side was manipulated into believing that the march towards socialism was a good thing…USW)

Crest of Army PsyOps
Psychological Warfare, Information War, and mind control may seem to be exotic topics, but the impact of these technologies and techniques is profound. Our minds are being impacted through a longstanding series of programs aimed at manipulating public opinion through intelligence agencies, think tanks, corporate media and a host of non-governmental organizations designed to engender fear, division and uncertainty in the public. Media manipulation involving the artificial framing of our collective reality is often a hit or miss proposition, but psychological operations have been carried out in the past, and are being carried out even today, through the practices of “Information Warfare,” directed at enemies abroad and at the American people

Modern Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) were significantly advanced in the Second World War and were brought to bear on the American public during the 1950s with the formation of a widespread network of social scientists, journalists, politicians, military specialists and intelligence operatives. Psy-Ops were used to promote a variety of programs in cooperation with the Industrial Military Complex. Their key piece of information warfare was the Communist Red Menace.

It is important that we understand how the government is trying to control us. By appealing to our emotions, they have been given permission to act, even when it’s a lie. The recent Healthcare issue is a prime example. “We cannot allow for people to be denied healthcare coverage because of pre-existing conditions” This is an emotional appeal to garner support for the takeover of healthcare. It is constantly repeated, and it is a useless lie. The insurance industry would be going nuts against this if it were true. If one reads the Senate bill being used mostly to what is being presented, it does not mandate the insurance industry to cover treatment of pre-existing conditions. It can’t be enforced if it’s not in the law.

The CIA, in association with various other agencies, undertook a long series of experiments on unsuspecting prisoners, students, military personnel and others recruited into one of the at least 162 subprojects of what became known as MKULTRA. Interest was certainly piqued by the case of Cardinal Mindseztny and the reports of brainwashing techniques used on American soldiers in prisoner of war camps in Korea. But even prior to the Korean War the resiliency of the human mind was being tested by researchers on the black budget. These projects reportedly at times violated every conceivable notion of human rights and dignity.

Mind Control

The evidence that continues to become available, is frightening to realize that we allowed this to happen. Manufactured fear over decades could lead to the complete loss of our freedom. Look at the technological weapons that can be used to control the population if we were to get frisky:

Project Sherriff Humvee
Project Sheriff

The US has deployed the Project Sheriff active denial weapon in Iraq. Raytheon outfitted Humvees with their Silent Guardian Protection System, a device capable of heating the skin to 1/64 of an inch, causing instant pain similar to intense sunburn, with the goal to facilitate dispersing a crowd. According to a report released by the Air Force on the human effects of this weapon, people with contact lenses and those wearing metal suffered greater effects. An imprint of a coin was discovered on the skin of a test subject and death or severe heart problems may occur.

Pulsed Energy Projectiles

Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to New Scientist magazine, the expanding plasma effects nerve cells, but the long-term effects remain a public mystery.

There is more, but you should get the idea of what can be used against us.

Thanks to the internet, a group of people have come together, they call themselves “Targeted Individuals”. Their claims include illegal surveilance, being used a test cases for non-lethal weapons, and gross harassment by the government. Their stories are a small look at what our government may be doing with the general public.

I found this study to be well written and presented. I have concluded, after all this research that emotional appeals need to be questioned everytime they occur, regardless if it’s from the corrupt media, or the corrupt government. Together we can look deeper in the past and discover if those emotional appeals were real or not, develope a criteria to apply to future emotional appeals, to determine truth. The past is the key to the future.

Here are some other links pertaining to this subject:



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  1. Birdman permalink
    July 10, 2011 5:55 pm

    We are easily controlled through fear and the corporate owned news media. We have been lied to constantly by our government and the ruling elite.

    I am trying to learn and understand the Trivium.

    We are not taught critical thinking in school or college. The goal of the public education system is to turn us into sheeple and they have been very successful.

  2. Cyndi P permalink
    July 12, 2011 12:44 pm

    Good article, Gman!

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