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Liberal-Progressives Can’t Handle the Truth

May 13, 2011

Each day we strive to make our personal lives a little bit better by working to earn what we can in order to use that reward to gain our dreams.  For most of us it began the day we started living our own lives, out from under the shadow of our parents.  We knew that our dreams were now truly our own and reaching them was by following the paths of our own choice.  What we achieve is by using our own sweat equity.  That’s the opportunity we all have equally – or is it?  Enter, stage left, the liberal-progressive.

The liberal-progressive wants to “save” the world for the “greater good” of us all.  To that end they support strong, ever-expanding, government to make the nation a better place for all.  To that end they demand government relieve you of your earnings in order to fund programs to reach the greater good.  Unfortunately they care not the impact this has on the middle class and how they’re destroying that very middle class to expand their demands on each of us.  The liberal-progressive destroys the middle class by taking your efforts and distributing it to the lower classes in order to provide them with a “better” life, yet in doing so drag that middle class down to achieve their leftist goals.

Their argument is that the wealthy upper class should have more of their wealth taken through taxation to use to expand the handouts for those “less fortunate.”  The funny thing is that this doesn’t matter to the upper wealthy classes as they will be in control of the redistribution of the wealth of the middle classes to the lower classes.  The wealthy class will shift the burdens of any expanded taxation onto the middle class, which preserves their wealth for the most part and allows them to retain the control over the government they have always been able to maintain with money.  They, after all, have the ability to remove their wealth beyond the reaches of government.

There will never be a fair and equitable redistribution since the only way the liberal-progressive can achieve their ideals is through the expansion of government involvement in order to compel the “compassion” of the middle class to care for the less fortunate.  The ideals are incompatible with individual choice and freedom and therefore must be forced upon society.  Yet all the liberal-progressives end up creating are a larger entitlement “class,” which takes more and more resources of the disappearing middle class to fund.  The liberal-progressive is not honest enough to admit the truth of the outcome of their ideals, so will invoke some moral philosophy claiming that a responsibility exists for the greater good of society.

What a liberal-progressive calls freedom is nothing more than tyranny.  To them freedom is granted by government, not an inalienable right from any Creator.  You, as an individual, are only free to exercise your efforts on behalf of another – many of whom will accept all the system has to offer and demand more.  The liberal-progressive will agree to give more through government.  They will take no action to compel one to stop taking and make themselves productive for their own welfare.  The liberal-progressive will continue to allow continual waste, fraud and abuse of the government entitlement system by refusing any limitations on the largess of the “providers” to the financial entitlements.  Oh, they’ll claim reform is necessary, but somehow they lack any concrete plans to implement to insure any real reform occurs.

In the end a liberal-progressive is no more than a parasite, sucking the very life out of individuals and societies.  The liberal-progressive is an anathema to freedom and liberty, being nothing more than a cancer than should be ruthlessly cut out of a society to prevent that cancer from destroying all it infects.  Now, before everyone gets into a tizzy and decides I’m calling for violent action against liberal-progressives, I will speak to how this cancer needs to be removed.

Liberal-progressives can be placed into reality check by refusing to allow the expansion of government.  Instead citizens should reduce government, even when the liberal-progressive screams about how that will deny some people their “rights” to a better life – even on another’s dime.  Once reduced in size and scope then government needs restrictive barriers put into force clearing defining its role and the limits of the role.  Preventing un-checked expansion under misconstrued definitions of law, whether through liberal-progressive political persuasion or by the courts, will better the opportunities for your efforts to aid you in achieving your goals for your life.  That’s how we eradicate the cancer of the liberal-progressive and their freedom stealing agendas.

Liberal thinking at it's best!

Removing their skewed beliefs that the greater good is best served by compelling others, through government, to give of their efforts for the betterment of the lesser fortunate is an unacceptable demand on the individuals who work tirelessly to reach their own life goals.

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  1. anita permalink
    May 13, 2011 8:06 pm

    While I agree with your article I think your solution needs some more angles. The lefties are not going to go quietly into the night. You need to create an alternative to the free stuff..first! employment. Then let them (lefties) scream all they want while those who are now employed will reap the benefits of their labor and not see the need for – or- give support to the liberal agenda. Sounds good on paper anyway 🙂

    From a caller on Rush: (paraphrasing) We don’t want shared sacrifice we want shared prosperity… AMEN!

    • May 13, 2011 8:28 pm

      Hi Anita. Hope your day was good?

      Sadly, while you are right, things won’t be as straightforward as that. The government has become much too perverted from the aspects of individual freedom and liberty by BOTH sides of the political spectrum in this country.

      I have zero faith that the government can, or will ever be, “reformed” by the political groups that occasionally trade control of the government. All conservatism does is slow the harsher liberal-progressive actions while trying to institute their own agenda (which it no more geared to the people that the one the left pushes). I am afraid even the Tea Party is going to be just as ineffective.

      The restricted government I speak to will only come about when we have a blank page to start writing on all over again. VDLG can not be gained out of a VLBG (very large bloated government).

      • anita permalink
        May 13, 2011 10:00 pm

        WHOA! I turned my back for a few hours and you got a new look! I like it G!

        So PS! BAH! I plan to keep the faith at least til the next election (I’m hiding from Flag while I say this). As even BF has admitted..the tea party has done some mighty things in two years.The next election being a presidential election will bring more voters who will hopefully continue to vote conservative. then we’ll be 2/3 of the way toward a clean house. All the while we work toward VDLG. Sounds like a plan to me.

        Enjoying my stay in Hawaii..daughter’s graduation in the morning..YAY. It’s still only 4 pm here..time to fire up the grill! ALOHA

        • May 13, 2011 10:16 pm

          lol…enjoy the vacation!

          My one question to you then is: If we can count on conservatives to move us to VDLG, how do you explain the expansion of government under Bush and a Republican controlled House and Senate for four years?

          They had the perfect opportunity and it was wasted. I have no faith they’re going to change that behavior – Tea Party or no Tea Party.

          • anita permalink
            May 13, 2011 10:25 pm

            And my answer is that they (we) were sleeping and have now awaken. There was no tea party in Bush’s years.. add on to that -the internet and alternative media..that’s my story and I’m sticking to it..for now!

        • May 13, 2011 10:38 pm

          PS – that’s me playing with different themes. lol…I returned it – almost – to what it was.

  2. Greg Fessler permalink
    May 13, 2011 11:04 pm

    ok, ive always felt the way u do about this but i must say i never could have put it into words quite so brilliantly. to start off i would like to say ( no disrespect intended ,, just sayin ) anita, there shouldnt have had to be an awakening, they know they are rotten no good bastards and they are not going to make any changes they are not either forced to or dont have the means not to let happen, tea party im not so sure about doing anyone any good. I cannot say i have a solution . seems to me ” WE” have no choice in whether the govt. expands or not, they just keep doing it. how do u stop it? i cant say,,, they would probably come and take me away for my opinion on this matter, they are a cancer, not it, they. there is no doubt that the way our govt. has become will take some harsh realities we all would rather not see it have to come to. none of us really wants to have to leave our cushy little lives. as for the less fortunate i agree there are alot. but there are also alot that are less fortunate because they choose to be. not disabled, not mentally challenged, no real reason other than seems to be our national motto, why would i work and lose my medical coverage for my kids. so they sit and watch tv and play video games all day long, yell at the kids and drink beer, pop pills and smoke dope and then yell at the kids some more. this country has becme the land of pity parties and big govt. loving it that way, half are so messed up they care not as long as they can just stay messed up. the other half is too damned busy killin themselves everyday to even try to stay informed and come to any real conclusions on whats really going on. our govt. needs ousted in one big foul swoop. ( no violence intended) ,,, great article guys

    • May 14, 2011 12:53 pm


      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      Stopping government expansion can occur in four different ways – as I see it:

      1. Politicians reduce government through legislative action (very unlikely to happen).
      2. The States force a Constitutional Convention that rewrites the current Constitution (which is how the Articles of Confederation were “overturned”).
      3. Collapse and civil disruption leading to new government (this is a realistic possibility).
      4. Open rebellion and revolution (the riskiest for the people).

      #4, the scary one, is only going to occur when enough of the people of the nation are ready to risk all to toss aside the tyranny and make a new start. In this effort there are no guarantees. The resistors could well be overcome and find themselves paying a heavy price – up to and including the possibility of their deaths (much as the founders risked in the beginning).

      Until one of these options occurs however we will live under an ever heavy government grip, stealing more of our efforts for their ends. The fracturing of society will continue and ultimately the outcome will be the “fall” of the nation. The question is when that will happen?

  3. Cyndi P permalink
    May 14, 2011 12:37 am

    Good article G-Man! I’ve long thought of Leftist ideaology as a terminal cancer in society. I don’t think we can vote out. Too many Americans have been indoctrinated to believe collectivism is a desirable thing. I don’t know how you turn around the thinking of most voters before the whole thing self destructs.

    • May 14, 2011 1:00 pm

      Hi Cyndi,

      Glad you liked the writing. Hopefully you’ll spread the link around to others so they’ll pop in and give us their thoughts as well? Always great to have all the views we can get.

      You’re right on the idea that Americans have been indoctrinated – though it seems it’s been a dumbed-down indoctrination. Instead of the left gaining their compliance by gaining society’s agreement with the leftist ideas, the liberal-progressives have used American’s self-absorbed, instant gratification, behavior to dazzle their eyes while the other hand makes the changes that move them to their goals.

      And, to their credit, they’ve done a good job of it over the last 50ish years.

  4. May 14, 2011 9:07 am

    Well done, Plainly Spoken!

    “In the end a liberal-progressive is no more than a parasite”

    I think of them more as idealists. They want to create Eden or paradise, remove all the bad, the suffering from the world. They only look at the good, giving food and shelter to the needy.
    Never looking back at the businessman they robbed, who has to let go employee’s because of the ever increasing costs. They just look for another in need, and another to rob.

    Education is the key. Right now they control the message with 90% of MSM being liberal, tax and spend advocates. The new media is changing that, and when the economics consequences force them to change or go under, we could see a real shift. I worry it will just be back to conservatives, who have shifted left so much they are not really conservative. Had a discussion with a family member on Mike Huckabee, who they liked and defended. Sent them a email yesterday showing he’s for big government, just like Bush. We need to, as you said, move to small government, and only elect those who share that goal.

    • May 16, 2011 2:12 pm

      Getting the message across to the majority of the people is something that the VDLG supporters lack with any polish and acceptable presentation. It was like this for the liberal-progressives, yet they learned to polish their messages and put them before the people in a way which convinced far too many voters to accept their interpretations.

      I agree that conservatives has moved left. They will give us no resolution to the problems either. To get small government will truly take a “revolution.” What form that takes is yet to be determined. I would just like to see it achieved in my lifetime so that my kid doesn’t have to suffer through the consequences of our (and earlier) generations mistakes.

  5. May 14, 2011 6:28 pm

    Unfortunately they care not the impact this has on the middle class and how they’re destroying that very middle class to expand their demands on each of us.

    This is where i stopped reading, Gman … because capitalism has worked so well for the middle class under our current system — it has evaporated the middle class …

    Thanks, but no thanks. Spread the wealth … redistribute it all … Stella for President in 2012!

    • May 14, 2011 6:36 pm

      because capitalism has worked so well for the middle class under our current system — it has evaporated the middle class …

      Charlie, here is where you fail. You see, your system is no better, but it is worse, for the same inherent reason you use against capitalism – governments of men/women involving themselves in the economic system. Whether that involvement is to make it “fair” or “equitable” for all.

      So, until you dispose of the weaknesses of a socialist economic system you have little room to rail against capitalism.

      But hey, we expect this inconsistency from you.

      PS – Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      May 14, 2011 7:08 pm

      Charlie, Egads man, Plainlyspoken wrote this article, it says so at the top right next to the “by” ! 🙂 Capitalism has nothing to do with our woes today. It is debt, nothing more nothing less. It starts in DC and stops with every moron who has a credit card debt. Capitalism has done me very well, I’m not rich, but happy. You seem to be pretty happy too, so why the rift?

      • gmanfortruth permalink*
        May 14, 2011 7:09 pm

        Dang, forgot to ask. Charlie, can I add your blog to our blogroll? It is very humorous and worthy of reading!.

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