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The Last In Line

April 22, 2011

America is a changing country.  It’s far from the same as it was when I grew up, the last ten years have seen dramatic changes in what this country is all about.  The people have become so politically divided, thanks to a well planned media propaganda blitz, there is no stopping the beginning of the biggest crisis America has ever experienced.  As I follow gold, silver and oil prices, I see extreme danger in the future.  We are being warned, not by the Main Stream Media, but by alternate media and the one logical thing that we all deal with, gas prices.  In 2008, oil hit $100 a barrel, gas cost $3.05.  In 2011, oil hit $100 a barrel, gas cost 3.79.  Only a blind man could miss this economic change.  Many will say it’s the oil companies just profiting, sorry, I don’t buy that, not this soon.  This is a change that is in progress, it began with the never ending printing of money, it has continued unchallenged and will continue until the fateful day that I dread so much.

Folks, our economy is in big trouble, and it’s no accident.  The vast majority of people are unconcerned or have no clue as to whats going on in our country.  In recent weeks, the evidence is a telling  testament to what is expected to be the final outcome.  State police in Michigan are using new technology to download personal information from cellphones of drivers they pull over, in total violation of the 4th Amendment.  The TSA is now patting down six year old girls in airports,  because they might be terrorists, WTF!  Then we have the continued efforts of Homeland Security and their “See Something, Say Something” Nazi like propaganda growing.  This is one of the most glaring signs of things to come, if we let it.  Lastly, the worst of things that I’m infuriated about, President Obama orders our military to attack a foreign nation, completely ignoring the Constitution.  Only the Congress can send our troops in harms way, the President does not have that authority, unless we are under direct attack.  Real Americans should be screaming bloody murder about this, Obama isn’t the fucking King, and he is not above the law.

  It can’t happen here,  that’s what I hear.  It is happening, right under our noses, denial is one’s worst enemy, it stops them from preparing in a timely manner.  I’d like to ask college students this question:  Is Vermont a real State or a place on the Monopoly board game?   I bet the majority would say the latter, sadly.  The complacency and entitlement mentality is discusting.   Thankfully, not everyone is lost in space.  There are a small minority who get it, they are the one’s who will stand up and say no, these are your 21st Century patriots.

The few are the Americans who understand the severity of non action.  They are stocking up on food, water and other necessities to live through the toughest of times.  They are also quietly preparing to defend their families and possibly, our way of life.  Veterans and non veterans, who would have never thought of such a thing, realize that freedom has a price, in some cases that price is one’s life.  We are heading to a point in America when the only way for our corrupt government and banking system to maintain control will be by intimidation, force and  violence.  That’s all they have left, their integrity is shot.

As the dollar devalues, as gas and food prices go up, there will come a point when the bottom drops out.  That’s what the preparation is for.  A good basic food stock to feed you and your family is a must.  I plan to have extra family and friends come for safety, so my food stocks are extreme in some ways.  The place not to be is in the cities with a high population of poor.  They will be the first to begin the civil unrest.  They will do what ever they can to get what they want.  They are the first enemy.   Once they have burnt half the cities down and looted all the food, what will they do then?  Food will still be unaffordable for them.  It will continue to rise in price due to the unrest.   What will authorities do and how far will they go to calm the masses?  You don’t want to know, just be ready to split before your caught up in the government crackdown.

The few, who are outside the initial danger zones, will be ignored.  Most supply lines will have stopped running.  Gas will be very expensive.  With a worthless currency, who will drive the trucks that bring us our goods to the stores?  With no delivery, gas stations will run dry, grocery stores will do the same.  Then it’s up to you and how well you planned.  This could last for months, maybe a year.  While things are peaceful, with some exceptions that will catch many who are not organized by surprise (hint, get your neighbors organized now).  There will be deaths that come from bands of city folk who are hungry, pissed off and armed.

The finality will come from those who prepared and organized for the right to live their lives free.  They already understand that the government is the problem, not because  they are the government, but because they are a power hungry clan of corrupt bastards who have no regard for anyones life.  The simple proof is in how you have had to survive.  They will come, to gain control of everyone.  Once they control the food, they win!  The food isn’t in the cities, once their control is firmly in place there, it is only a matter of time before they spread out.  They will be tired.  They will have lost a lot of men.  They will NOT be our military, that you need to understand.

Those who left the cities are now in a new delema.  The country folk and those that planned ahead and left the cities have likely gotten things well organized.  Now we get to the real stuff!  Foreign troops now control the cities under a NORTHCOM agreement.  They have to control  the food, those who control the food aren’t about to give up their freedom to these control freak bastards.  Where will you be?  A slave to the government or a freedom loving American!  Too many lives have been lost by those that believed in the American way of life.  Since the middle 1700’s, Americans have fought for the very freedoms that make our country great.  Now, we will face a new enemy, control freak politicians and bankers who have destroyed our economy and our way of life, ALLMOST.

It took 3% of the population of America to begin the Revolutionary War for independence, and only 5% to beat the strongest military in the world at the time.  The American people are facing a new fight for freedom, against the thieving international bankers and Globalists who think we don’t matter, we are expendable to them.  The very existence of the United States of America, as it is today, will come down to a small minority of freedom loving Americans who are willing to lay their lives on the line for their convictions.  Many will accept evil and cower to the government thugs , a few will fight for the divine.  It’s the few who stand up for freedom and liberty,  in the fight against tyranny, they will be the last in line.

Live Free!


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  1. April 22, 2011 3:31 pm

    G, I thank you for this. You probably know I have used somewhat different words to say exactly the same — it’s not about oil going up, it’s about the value of the dollar going down.

    This article would be most welcome if you wish to republish it at Meanwhile, I’ll next go and clear the path for you!

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      April 22, 2011 3:41 pm

      Always glad to make new friends who get the big picture. I’ll be happy to work with you anytime.

  2. Cyndi P permalink
    April 24, 2011 1:07 am

    Obama isn’t the fucking King, and he is not above the law. ! ~ It would seem that he is….

    Did you catch the article that the King has ordered Predator strikes in Libya? Did you know that Czar John Holdren has authorized the integration of UAVs in the National Air Space? Do I need to put it together for you?


  3. youngkilluminati permalink
    April 27, 2011 4:11 pm

    Wow. Well written, more people should read this. *applauds*

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