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PROOF: Liberals are Thieves

March 18, 2011

The title is telling, but let me be clear, not all people who have left leaning political views are thieves.  This is about the ongoing events happening in Wisconsin, and why those that are calling and supporting a recall of Republican State Senators in Wisconsin are thieves.  As most know, Wisconsin state legislators passed a union reform law that strips public unions of collecting bargaining rights when it comes to retirement funds and healthcare insurance.  The unions and their supporters have been livid, continuing protests at the state capital.  Now, Democrats from around the country are joining  efforts by Wisconsin Democrats and union leadership to recall three Republican Senators and force a recall election.  If and when these elections occur is not yet known, but the whole recall effort by the Democrats and unions are proof that the big union and Democrat  liberals are nothing short of thieves.

Over the course of events in Wisconsin, the public unions and their members exercised their Constitutional right to assemble in the state capital.  I commend them for their efforts and ability to organize for what they believe worthy of this type action.  It was an incredible sight to see the entire capital rotunda completely filled with protestors.  It is the liberal position that collective bargaining is a “right”.  To clarify, collective bargaining is NOT a right, it is a legislative privilege.  What the government gave Wisconsiners in the 1950s, the government can also take away, as we have all now seen occur.  The union anger is understood, as it will take money out of their pockets and put it into retirement benefits and healthcare insurance, of which they benefit from. 

What I condemn is the current actions of the liberal unions and democrats while pushing for recalls of state senators.  Reports of threats to individuals, businesses, families and even children and pets, are unacceptable actions.  Sadly, it seems that the method of thievery the liberals desire can only be achieved through threats of violence towards innocent people who have nothing to do with their plight.  The sick liberals who threaten children and pets should be removed from our society, as they are a cancer on the American way of life. 

There are numerous documented threats and intimidation tactics being used by the liberals who support the public unions and the public workforce in Wisconsin.  To best illustrate this, I provide the following threats and pictures as proof of how low the liberal left will stoop to maintain their political position enabling them to loot the public treasury.  Here are some examples:

Threats against WI blogger and Madison Law Professor Ann Althouse:

WE WILL FUCK YOU UP. We will throw our baseballs in your lawn, you cranky oldpieces of shit, and then we will come get them back. What are you gonna do? Shootus? Get Wausau Tea Patriots to form an ad hoc militia on your front lawn? That wouldbe fucking HILAROUS to us. You could get to know the assholes on your side in realfucking life instead of sponging off the civil society we provide for you every single dayyou draw breath.

WI Republican Senator’s property vandalized:

The office of Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) said the senator has been subjected to damage of personal property and has received threatening statements in the wake of mass protests in recent weeks over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

Kapanke have been unavailable, but an aide to Kapanke says that windows on Kapanke’s car were broken in Madison and the senator’s wife found nails strewn on the driveway of their home.

According to Rose Smyrski of Kapanke’s staff:

Nails were scattered on his driveway twice last week. The incidents were reported to the La Crosse Police Department.   Also, Kapanke’s’s windshield was damaged on March 9 after the Senate voted on the budget-repair bill.

State Sens. Pam Galloway, Glenn Grothman and Joe Leibham were among more than a dozen Republicans sent e-mails with messages such as “Death threat!!!! Bomb!!!!”

A note shoved under Grothman’s door said, “The only good Republican is a dead Republican.” He has stories of getting obscene phone calls in the middle of the night.

Supporters Of Recall Of Dem State Senator By Pro-Union Opponents

Simac says protestors even got involved with their petitions.

“We had a lady come up and write profanity and rip some of them right on our table…. so I guess that’s what democracy looks like to them.”

Remember when the liberals went nuts over Sarah Palins crosshairs poster after the Tucson shootings?   I can see why many call them hypocrites.

I have my opinion of people like those that acted in the above fashion.  If there is ever a Civil War again, they die first.  They are less than human and cannot control their emotions.  Their minds have become so twisted with the fantasies and lies of liberal/progressivism, they can’t control themselves in a civilized manner.  If the liberal left wants to know what’s wrong with this country, they can begin by peering at the mirror.  Their desire to control and steal from those they can control will lead this nation into the gutter.

My issue with big unions, is that they have become so big that they can now fund the campaigns of politicians who can get elected in positions of power within government.  Essentially, they get the people elected that they will enter in collective bargaining negotiations with.  Is it not any wonder why public union employees enjoy higher wages and far better benefits than the private sector employees?  Wisconsin is not the only state in this battle, but it is ground zero.  The recall elections will not change the law that has been enacted, it is nothing more than retaliation against a small few who denied the unions the ability to continue to steal for the public treasury.   There is no logical reason why the public union employees are getting better pay and benefits other than the proven ability to elect those who will support it.  The non-union taxpayers have spoken in Wisconsin, and now the liberal union leaders and the leading Democrats in the state are showing their true colors.

It has been reported that public union workers are receiving as much as 40% more in pay and benefits than their private sector equals.  The big unions and their ability to fund political campaigns are totally responsible for this.  It’s a glaring conflict of interest that plays against all non-union taxpayers.  As we are now seeing in Wisconsin, when the liberals lose their ability to rape the public treasury, they will resort to violent threats and retaliation.  These are the actions of an organized crime syndicate,  it is extortion against the non-union taxpayer.  As the title states, Liberals are Thieves!

Live Free!



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  1. Birdman permalink
    March 18, 2011 10:04 pm

    I think I saw a headline that some liberal Wisconsin judge is blocking enactment of the law in some manner. I did not read the article but it is out there. Once again, the liberal judges will attempt to undo what the legislature enacted. We will have to see how all this plays out.

    I like your comment on what should happen to these people if there were ever a civil war.

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      March 18, 2011 10:23 pm

      Yes, There are some legal questions about the law. But, it doesn’t change the fact that without the government on their side, public unions are toothless. Their reign of theft need to end, then again, so does the reign of terror of government 🙂

  2. V.H. permalink
    March 19, 2011 7:32 am

    They just keep rolling in !

    Michigan State Police Put in Unnecessary Danger Due to Lansing Mayor’s Support of Union Protesters?
    By Doug Powers • March 18, 2011 11:26 AM

    **Written by Doug Powers

    Lansing, Michigan’s Mayor, Virg Bernero, recently lost (badly) in his bid to become governor of the state, which is now looking like even better news than it was back in November.

    Bernero is a big time union backer — and now it’s being reported that he’s supporting the unions even at the apparent expense of siding with law breakers and possibly endangering state police officers:

    LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There’s a controversy going on between Michigan State Police and Lansing Police.

    The law enforcement agencies had made a deal that if back up was needed to control protesters, Lansing Police would step up.

    However, when that call went out on Wednesday, no one showed up and state police troopers were left to deal with an unruly crowd by themselves.

    Multiple credible sources tell Newschannel 3 that MSP had an agreement with Lansing Police for support in case things got out of hand. But when MSP needed help the most, Lansing Police left the capital.

    Sources say it happened because Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero told the department that no protesters were to be arrested.

    When protests at the capital got out of hand, state police started making arrests, but Lansing Police officers pulled away, making a dangerous situation worse.

    According to the story, Bernero’s office has yet to confirm or deny the allegations, but it’s not like this kind of thing would be out of character for him.

    On some days in some areas, John Adams’ “a government of laws and not of men” seems like such an antiquated ideal.

  3. Judy Sabatini permalink
    March 19, 2011 2:20 pm

    And, here, I always thought that unions were there to protect & work with the workers. Guess that doesn’t exist anymore, huh.

  4. Casieopea permalink
    March 19, 2011 2:52 pm

    Things to think about…..

    children forced to work long hours with little pay and no education…

    sweatshops (yes, here in the US!!) where many women and (the above named) children died because buildings have caught fire and the workers were LOCKED IN FROM THE OUTSIDE by the employers…

    Large cities where people were discriminated against (hired/not hired, fired, bullied by employers) because of the color of their skin, their country of origin, who they associated with…. and when they were let go/fired/harassed – they HAD NO UNEMPLOYMENT check to help them get through till the next job.

    The list honestly goes on and on.

    All of these things changed to a better situation – positive and beneficial changes for the entire populace – and are the direct result of unionization.

    While people do not seem to understand that the NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT specifically excludes the government sector from the “right” to organize (yes, sir – it is actually a right…THE NLRA was passed establishing employees’ basic rights to join unions and engage in collective bargaining and the National Labor Relations Board was established to oversee the enforcement of the rights established in the NLRA) – they would do well to take some notice to what is occurring. Right now it is happening to “the other guy” but sometime in the very near future – it will be hitting closer to home for the folks who thought it was ok to revoke this – and unfortunately, I think by then it will be far to late to take a step back.
    Of course, the Federal government is completely exempt from ANY law that it imposes on it’s citizenry (the ADA is one example…the FedGov as an employer is not required to make accommodations…did you know that?)

    The continual erosion of the rights of the people in this country is alarming to me…

    The following was written during Hitler’s worst offenses

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

    ~~ Martin Niemöller

    Think about it….

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      March 19, 2011 5:38 pm

      Casie, Thank you for commenting, there is much we can agree on. I am impressed with your civil discourse, and find it refreshing after reading some HuffPo comments. First, the history of unions and what they were able to accomplish is well documented. They did a tremendous service to the American people, but it must also be said that all of that occured in the private sector. I was a union rep in the Teamsters for 7 years ending last July when I relocated. I have a great deal of knowledge of the NLRA and NLRB, I used precedents set by the NLRB in numerous arbitrations. I am not against private sector unions.

      I won’t rehash how the public sector unions have basically screwed themselves and their members. Once they were able to get their hands in the public cookie jar, their demise was sealed. It will be completely lost over time, country wide. However, notice that they are not being outlawed, they are being punished. This too will ease in the future, as both the unions and government get closer to the same page on fiscal issues.

      As far as what is a “right”, I believe we can find common ground on this. There are natural rights, which are individual, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Add freedom of speech, religion ect, what we have here are natural rights that no government should ever be able to take away. Then we have legislative rights, which are those rights granted through legislation like the NLRA. Collective bargaining in the private sector is permitted and regulated by the NLRA. However, as with any legislative action to allow, another legislative action could also take that priviledge away, so in the scope of ‘Rights”, it is not a natural right. Public sector unions are regulated by Federal and State laws that vary from state to state. Any priviledge that is regulated by law, by virtue of definition, cannot be a natural right.

      Your Hitler remarks are well known to me, although we see the same problems, we equate them to different things. That is the eternal problem with the left/right paradigm. Left points right, right points left, and the whole time the problem is right in the middle. Those who understand this can see the inherant danger that it poses to all of us. While we fight one another, the government screws all of us. Those who are elected are chosen long before we get to vote, the only difference in them is the color of their shirt. It’s all about power of centralized government and control, and keeping us divided is how they are winning.

      I hope you get to read this and come back to join in civil discussion. While my articles may seem more of a “shock and awe” type journalism, it seems that’s the only way to get people to see the big picture. We have much bigger problems facing us that few are aware of, and it has nothing to do with unions or liberals or conservatives, because it will harm all of us.

      Thakns for your remarks, you are welcome here anytime!


  5. Kathy permalink
    March 20, 2011 12:44 pm

    Hi GMan, One thing I am seeing and hearing more of locally is some uprising, if you will, within the teaching ranks. There are many within the public employees that “get it” and realize these concessions are long overdue, but to this point have mostly kept silent in order to keep peace in the workplace. But now the pressure from the union to do more and more protesting, pressuring of “non-conformists”, show up at events and use intimidating tactics, many of these employees realize they are part of something they never realized or intended to be, and are finally speaking out. Here is a letter that gives us a little peek into one school district:

    March 15, 2011

    Dear Fellow WDPEA Members,

    I wanted to write to each of you personally and as soon as possible to let you know that I am no longer the President of the WDPEA. I also wanted you to explain how this came to be.

    Late in the school day yesterday, I was approached by a member of the executive committee to tell me that the WDPEA Executive Committee was exploring a move toward a vote of “No Confidence” in my ability to lead our association as President. With the parliamentary procedures set in place by association bylaws I proffered my resignation. I know that there are some teachers in our district that are highly emotional, irrational, and full of anger about all that is happening in our state regarding the Budget Repair Bill. I have worked hard to communicate everything that all of you have needed to know in order to decide for yourselves where you stand, to express yourselves if you wished to, and to know where to seek out more information. When I agreed to be your Union President, it was because I felt strongly about taking care of all of our teachers and being a professional, wise, and respected voice in negotiating, especially for the young teachers. In trying to remain as professional and objective as possible, I did not agree to or endorse local demonstrations or marching on the Capitol.

    Those who know me well understand the principles I have stood for my entire life. I have dedicated my life (and risked it, many times) to secure the freedoms of the citizens of this country and I strongly believe in the democratic process. It is not my way to spout hateful rhetoric or make a foolish scene at our state capitol. If that is what you elected me for, you were mistaken. I do not wholeheartedly agree with the manner in which the legislative actions in Madison were choreographed and as a result I have written professional letters to our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Representatives to let them know of my concerns.

    I have followed the events in Madison very closely and learned a great deal about WEAC when I discovered that two days into this, they capitulated on the notion of making us pay 12% for our benefits and 5.8% of our pensions without trying to negotiate lower percentages for us. WEAC stated that all they wanted was to retain “collective bargaining rights”. Educate yourselves about whose best interests are truly being served by continuing the current process of “collective bargaining.” WEAC wants to continue to make it mandatory that we pay our union dues – this has always been about the union’s money, not teacher’s “rights”. In order to negotiate salaries and benefits, we are going to be successful only if we are professional, committed to our profession, and reasonable about the conditions of our employment. Aside from those that are trying to sway you in an emotional and political direction, we are employed by the citizens of West DePere School District. We are paid to provide an excellent education to their children, and these citizens are hurting from the

    beleaguered economy, perhaps even more so than we have been until now. We need to keep this in mind, as we proceed.

    I arranged to have the meeting on Monday after school with our superintendent, John Zegers, to try to make sure we at West DePere were able to achieve the best outcome for ourselves in the upcoming contract negotiations. We are not in the same financial situation as some of these other schools, and Mr. Zegers has been and continues to be very, very open about wanting to work with us. He has recognized over and over that we have excellent teachers in our district, and has no plans for sweeping changes in personnel. In contrast, the Green Bay and East DePere teachers gave up pay increases and other stipulations and made the decision to lose these points in order to preserve their mandate to the union which includes dues for the next two years. They did not take the time to analyze their situation and their options thoroughly. As a group of individuals who daily encourage our students to make sound decisions based on fact and reason, I urge you to proceed rationally. (How do you say no contract is a better than a bad contract—tactfully??)

    As of today, Brenda May is your Union President. She is an intelligent person with great common sense, and will do a fine job for you if you let her. We have the ability to come through this much better than other teachers in our area if we retain our open minds (“Don’t leave your mind so open that your brain falls out”—William F. Bennett) and think for ourselves.

    Thank you to those of you who have maintained a cool head, common sense, and professional composure throughout these past weeks.


    Stu Betts

    I think the fallout will continue as many union contracts were rushed through while the 14 dems were fugitive and since the delay in posting and now the judge’s ruling. So the budget will hit these districts and state employees and the negotiators (school boards etc.) will have few options except to lay-off. Well that won’t go over so well either and will probably create more “infighting” amongst union employees and more awareness overall of union tactics and the real budget issues.

    I really wish this would go away, but I think the battle will be here for some time.

    • gmanfortruth permalink*
      March 20, 2011 4:33 pm

      Kathy, Thank you for sharing that letter. There is much to learn from Mr. Betts as he seems to have his head clearly on his shoulders. As you can see by his letter, the union leadership is only out for themselves and could give a rtas ass about their members or the kids they teach. If I were you I would tell those that want to stand up, to do so. But do it sternly and with a group rather than alone. Most members have no idea what they are talking about, they are sheeple.


  6. V.H. permalink
    March 22, 2011 3:15 pm


    Playing taxpayers for suckers
    Thomas Lifson

    One of numerous ways taxpayers are being ripped off by public employees is through phony “retirement” schemes that enable the employee to collect a fat pension in addition to continuing to work and receive salary and benefits. The “retirement” pay becomes, in effect, a huge pay increase, one usually linked to inflation. This “double-dipping” is not uncommon when taxpayers are on the hook, but exceedingly rare in the private sector. Quite clearly, the politicians who sign such contracts are, in collusion with the employees (and their unions), playing the taxpayers for suckers.

    The newest poster boy for the outrageous (but contractually legal) practice is Phoenix School Superintendant Carlos Bejarano. Craig Harris of the Arizona Republic reports:

    Phoenix’s Isaac School District, which plans to shutter schools and lay off employees because of money problems, will let Superintendent Carlos Bejarano retire June 30 and return to his same job – with the same compensation and perks – the next day.

    Bejarano, 58, will retain his $130,000 annual salary, an $8,400 car allowance, an $8,000 annual tax-deferred annuity, and a $3,000 community-affairs allowance to use at his discretion. The district also will give him $11,238 so he can buy health-insurance coverage, according to district officials.

    Bejarano will receive an annual pension estimated at $104,650 after retiring with 35 years of service, records reviewed by The Arizona Republic show, bringing his total annual compensation to roughly $265,000.

    Bejano is far from alone in Phoenix:

    The practice of double-dipping is common in Maricopa County. It involves hundreds of administrators and teachers who use a legal loophole to collect a full pension from the Arizona State Retirement System plus a paycheck.

    The real scandal of government employees is not the Bell, California situation, where top management illegally padded their salaries and are being prosecuted. The scandal is the legal and commonplace double dipping by which government workers quietly pad their incomes.


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